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Jora Bhular

Jora Bhular


Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Downtown Santa Barbara! This letter is an invitation to invest financially in us and the vision of New Song ( New Song is a collective of microchurhces committed to outreach, discipleship and worshiping Jesus extravagantly.

Jora is passionate about teaching, mentoring, equipping, and leading people to personally encounter Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father’s love. Liz is a mama bear at heart and is naturally drawn to bring comfort and encouragement to young adults in their leadership abilities. As overseers of Olive House in Santa Barbara, CA both Jora and Liz are helping build a team to successfully do outreach, provide discipleship, and most importantly worship Jesus extravagantly.

Please join us in this opportunity to invest in God’s Kingdom. We are asking you for a monthly financial partnership along with your on-going prayer. It will require $6000 a month to allow us to serve in full-time ministry. Please consider a $50 to $250 monthly contribution. Please note all contributions are tax-deductible. Know that your investment will yield Kingdom dividends that will have an everlasting impact on the Santa Barbara community and beyond.

Jora & Elizabeth

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