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John & Majesty Bergman

John & Majesty Bergman



We are John, Majesty and Haven Bergman. Majesty and John have been married for five years and have a beautiful little two-year-old baby girl. Eight years ago, before any of what we do was dreamt of, The Lord spoke a very clear phrase over our lives, “Worship Missionaries.” We didn’t know what it meant then, but we are starting to see glimpses of this reality in our lives.

What a crazy adventure The Lord has called us too. On complete reckless faith we stepped out to fulfill an eight year call over our lives. We heard a whisper from the Holy Spirit, packed up our entire life and in just three days moved from Durham, NC to Orlando, FL.

Majesty is a Worship Leader and Songwriter. Formerly with Maverick City Music and has been on many platforms. John is musician, musical director and leans heavily on the guidance of The Holy Spirit in every musical moment. Together we lead at different churches and conferences hoping to spread the gospel through worship and reverence to His Presence.

Majesty and John are currently attending Jesus School and House of Bethany worship school through Jesus Image Church. It is a full-time ministry school devoted to becoming a disciple of Jesus. We believe this is a very important step to becoming what Yahweh spoke over us eight years ago.

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