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Joel Bean

Joel Bean


My name is Joel Bean and I am a Missionary with Circuit Riders.

At Circuit Riders our dream is with the Lord to raise up the next generation fully surrendered to Jesus Christ, equipped with the Gospel and send them out into the world to proclaim the Gospel. I long to see the next generation experience revival in their own lives, and then train them to walk in the power of the Gospel. I desire for them to understand their authority in Christ, so they can boldly proclaim the Gospel wherever they go and witness revival.

In Circuit Riders, we host a youth camp each July to practically disciple teens in this way. We invite young people to encounter Jesus and cultivate a heart for the nations. The testimonies that emerge from this camp are nothing short of miraculous - stories of mental health being fully restored. Even more thrilling is hearing how many of these teens go on to pursue missions, often within 3-4 years.

I need to raise $2,000 to be funded for this camp. $425 goes to my housing, $800-$1,000 goes towards my flight, and the rest goes towards my personal needs.


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