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Jack & Megumi Adams

Jack & Megumi Adams


Our mission is to spread hope in a nation where hopelessness has statistically dominated the woes of all age demographics in Japan in the form of loneliness, isolation and suicide. Our family moved to Japan in January of 2018, as full-time volunteer missionaries, planting our first church in Kagoshima, Japan. Before boots hit the ground, God has been preparing the way for us and many doors have opened and relationships have formed since our arrival. We currently have 3 outreach ministries. Feeding our friends who are homeless and others that are having trouble making ends meet, English Outreach for youth and Go Local projects. There is much more that God is preparing us for and we are excited to be on the frontlines of whatever He calls us to.

We also feel called to water the existing church in Japan encouraging those currently involved in ministry. We will be visiting other churches in the region to collaborate, encourage and allow God to unify our efforts. There are a lot of credible statistics that show a stagnant and downward trend in evangelism in Japan. We are here to claim victory, lifting our banner high in the name of Jesus.

We encourage you to fuel our efforts by praying for us and financially supporting our mission.

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