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Isaac Zetterberg

Isaac Zetterberg


My name is Isaac Zetterberg.

I am a 24 years old and have been involved with YWAM on and off since 2020, with ministries including DTS staff, mission builders, and currently SBS.

My ministry now is Biblical studies so that I can become equipped to teach the world the truth that is the Bible. The world now is moving further and further from the truth which is what put the fire in my heart to truly begin to study the word of God.

I am currently enrolled in the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in which I am reading the Bible 5 times in 9 months and inductively studying it through observation of the text and interpretation though historical background and correct context. This school has pushed me in my studies harder than anything, with the work days consistently yielding 10+ hours of work for 6 days a week.

My motivation to continue has only grown as I see the word truly come to life as I read. I am doing this school not for knowledge that puffs me up but so that I am well equipped to represent Christ and teach His word where ever He calls me. God has spoken to me in many ways and convicts me of my own sin daily.

I would love your support in prayer more than anything because I need direction for what God wants to do with my life.


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