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Isaac Wagoner

Isaac Wagoner



Hello! My name is Isaac Wagoner, I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and I am 20 years old! Ever since I was young I feel the Lord has continuously given me a heart for the lost; the troubled, the fallen, and the broken. I remember that any time a celebrity would pass away, I would immediately run to my mom and ask if they believed in Jesus; I also remember the the heartbreak and tears that would come when she would tell me no.

The Lord wants to radically shift the hearts of the unwilling in the west, and he wants to revitalize the western Church in order bring about the Truth necessary for new life to my generation. Gen Z needs to hear the transformative truth of the full Gospel, and they need to hear it from people they trust and look up to. I feel the Lord is raising me up to disciple a generation in Biblical truth -He wants to raise up leaders who will live as an example of the Word and captivate my generation. He wants to present a better narrative than the death-brining, life-draining trap that is secular humanism: the Gospel.

Right now, the Lord is not only molding me and setting me apart personally, but he is actively using me as a catalyst to see His vision of global Biblical leaders come to fruition. I am currently staffing a school in YWAM Kona called Revival and Reformation, a leadership school that equips it's students with Biblical truth, and understanding of today's societies, and the ability to communicate the Gospel effectively and confidently. Over 9 months, students are taken through three courses: Discipleship Bible School, Biblical Worldview, and Communications and Apologetics. This school is an incredibly effective catalyst for change, and it cultivates world-changers passionate for the Truth.

As a staff, I have the opportunity to lead others into God's vision for a global movement of Biblical leaders in every area of society; this is a responsibility I do not take lightly. This opportunity, however, is not free, and that is why I am seeking Godly men and women who are willing to partner with God's grand plan! Understand that partnering financially or in prayer with this ministry is not something that only benefits me, but that also benefits the future leaders of the world; future politicians, doctors, global movement makers, pioneers, pastors, worship leaders, and trend-setters. These are the kind of people this school cultivates, and to partner with me is to partner with them as well.

Practically, this money covers my room, board, food, transportation, local outreach opportunities (look forward to testimonies and updates!), and future global outreach savings. I really feel that the number the Lord has put on my heart to ask for in faith is $1,000 a month in total! I know that may seem like a large number, but the Lord is Jireh, provider!

I will be posting updates in terms of where I am at with my goal, and what the Lord is doing/fruit from this season! I also want to continue to cast vision for the coming seasons and share that with you as well - they are being made possible by your contributions now!

Thank you so much for your consideration!


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