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Ivan Riehl

Ivan Riehl


Hello Everyone 

My name is Ivan , I am currently a full-time student ( in my 2nd year ) at Jesus School and House of Bethany Worship Academy based out of Jesus Image Church in Orlando, Florida. Jesus School has one main goal––to Love Him, Live in His Presence, and to see a Jesus people raised up that will shake the earth for the Glory of God and impact the nations of the world with the power and LOVE of the Gospel.

One thing is needed.

Jesus is all I need, He is all that I truly have. To love Him is life's greatest success; Jesus is life's greatest calling. Paul says in first Corinthians, 

"For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified". 

This is the essence of what Jesus School is and the best that I can describe my time here so far.

Jesus and His sacrifice upon cross are the focus of every teaching session, Bible study, small group gathering, worship, school activity, Sunday and weekly serving, and every conversation. Here, Jesus is not a part of something, no, He is the reason for our faith, why we gather and worship. It is unto Him always and forever. In my time at Jesus School,  the Lord has been gracious to take me deeper in Him and reveal who He is, far beyond what I've known. I've learned to love Him greatly through His Word and to worship in spirit and in truth. It has also been such a privilege to sit under the teaching and guidance of true friends of God, including Pastor Michael & Jessica Koulianos  and Pastor Benny Hinn, and to see their love for the Lord in their daily life. It all inspires me to live a life of daily worship unto Jesus.

This has definitely been a stretching season, but one that I am so thankful for. I am already forever marked and am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for the rest of this year .

Visit this link for more info :

Would you pray about partnering with me both financially and through prayer?

While I am specifically building out a monthly giving team, one-time gifts are absolutely appreciated as well.  Your support means everything to me. Each prayer is heard, and each dollar is used for His Kingdom. You are each a part of this movement of God! By your prayer and support, you are with me as I go!


Please text or call me if you have any questions


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