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Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez


Dear friends,

My name is Ivan Perez, and I am 24 years old. I was Born to missionary parents but my journey began when I felt God's unmistakable call on my life at the age of 16 . Although I was tremendously shy I could not resist sharing the Best News I had heard in all my life, the Gospel of Jesus. Without any external coercion, I began faithfully witnessing any and everywhere I went of the Salvation found in the person of Jesus.  Sharing the Gospel became an intrinsic part of who I am.

 After many years of serving God faithfully wherever He placed me and living in Brazil, my mothers home country, I was recently called to join a remarkable Missions Ministry in Southern California known as "Circuit Riders," an organization under the umbrella of YWAM (Youth With a Mission).

Circuit Riders draw inspiration from an Old Methodist movement during the first Great Awakening, where evangelists would ride on horseback, engaging in soul-winning, discipling, church-planting, and even freeing slaves. While we no longer ride horses, the spirit of the Circuit Riders lives on. Our modes of transportation have evolved however the essence remains unchanged.We now travel by cars and planes, continuing the legacy of soul-winning, discipleship, movement starting, and social justice. Our heart's desire is to saturate campuses and cities with the Love of Jesus, connecting the saved to local congregations and equipping them to share their faith with their peers.

Within Circuit Riders, my current role involves planning and leading mission trips, both locally and globally. Recently, we returned from an intense season of outreach, witnessing awe-inspiring moments. We saw over 28,568 people gathered in Gospel events across the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Europe, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. Even more remarkable is that we celebrated upwards of 4,344 documented decisions for Christ. Those who decided for Christ are being followed up with, plugged into local churches, discipled, and trained into sharing the Gospel.

There is an undeniable mandate from our Lord for His church to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth until His coming. This mandate has deeply marked my heart, and I have been called by our Lord to dedicate my life as a full-time evangelist. My mission is to equip disciples to boldly share their faith and preach the Good News to the lost.

Because this is a full-time commitment, the way our Lord meets the various financial needs is through the faithful generosity of His people. Although I do try to work on the side (tentmaking) it's not enough to fully supply the financial needs to be wholly dedicated to the Lord’s ministry. Our God did not intend for His body to function independently but interdependently. I long for the accountability and encouragement of a group of partners.

For the sake of the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, who visited the Earth and cried out with a broken heart, ‘’The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!’’, would you consider partnering with me in this so that I can be a laborer fully funded in God’s harvest field?

In the words of William Carey, ‘’I will descend into the pit, if you will hold tightly to the rope.’’ I will give my life away to reach the lost if you will pray, give, and keep me encouraged through correspondence.

My goal is to raise 3,000 dollars in monthly support to cover my living expenses, transportation, and housing. I don’t expect a particular contributor to meet the entire financial need, but I believe that many people giving sacrificially will meet all my needs.

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering supporting me.


Ivan Perez

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