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Haley Winkelman

Haley Winkelman


I am Haley Winkelman, I am a math teacher, theology student, mother of three chickens, and bicycle mechanic based out of Newberg, Oregon.

I also volunteer as discipleship coordinator for Son Mission, an organization that is devoted to making and equipping disciples everywhere, but primarily focused in Busia, Uganda. There are several things going on in Busia:

1) Son Mission teaches two classes, grades 7 and 8, in private and public schools. We have developed two curriculums for this, Sheep Primer and All About Jesus. These classes teach the children what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and how to find their identity in the truth of Christ and God's love.

2) Son Mission supporters cover school fees for total orphans (children who have lost both parents) to attend Howard Christian Boarding School in Busiatown. These students agree to meet with a Son Mission leader for discipleship and mentoring throughout their time as a student.

3) Son Mission is also developing a trade school. This way our students can be equipped with job skills and are hirable when they graduate.

4) During the COVID lockdowns, it became apparent that our community was in need of creative ideas for discipleship. Because of this Son Mission is now also partnering with local churches and has some trainings and guides for local leaders in how to lead small groups and Bible studies. It is our hope to equip local pastors with the Bible, and guidance in how to read it.

I would like to invite you to partner with me in prayer for these projects. I also would like to ask you to prayerfully consider giving financially to support this mission as well.



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