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Hunter & Daphne Sipes

Hunter & Daphne Sipes


We are Hunter and Daphne Sipes. Our God-given passion is to reach unreached Japanese people with the light and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Japan is less than 1% Christian and is amongst the highest suicide rates in the world. After the Lord rescued Daphne and I from severe hopelessness and brokenness and filled us with eternal joy and purpose, we felt a strong calling to share the Good news of Jesus with the Japanese!

Our long-term goal is to move to Japan through business as missions and establish a holistic health and wellness center that delivers the Gospel through physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness programs. We see it as having a gym, a café, a counseling and physical therapy department, and maybe even a Japanese bathhouse. Ideally, this place would look like a community center or something similar to a YMCA that also encompasses a café and really serves the community in whatever way best fit.

The dream God has given us is huge and we want to be good stewards of this calling. After several years of serving with YWAM full-time and leading outreach teams to Japan, we realized we had quite a toolbox full of ministry and discipleship experience but that we were lacking in the business and administrative side of the experience that we need in order to reach our God-given dream. And that is why we moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the epicenter of Christian-owned and operated businesses.

We are now pursuing more training and experience in Biblical-based business experience. Now, I (Hunter) am working with Chick-fil-A as a participant in their two-year Leadership Development Program and Daphne is getting more experience in marketing and photography. On top of this, I am working on my Master’s in Christian Formation and Discipleship with the University of the Nations as I continue to help develop other sports ministry training and courses with the UofN.

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