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Hannah McRight

Hannah McRight



My name is Hannah McRight, I am a full-time missionary with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Kona, Hawaii but with plans to move to the Middle East within the next year.

YWAM is a global organization with teams all over the world whose primary vision is to know God and make Him known.

I am currently working with Fire and Fragrance ministries, which is a branch from YWAM. Where our goal is to inspire our generation to action-to more time spent in God’s presence, to a greater love for the Bible and prayer and a growing boldness to reach out and share the love of Jesus-believing God can transform the nations. Practically this season in Hawaii has looked like being a staff and volunteer at our 6-month school called DTS (Discipleship Training School), where we train young adults about the Bible and how to share the gospel in other cultures and environments with different religions.

It’s been a privilege to see students learn their identity in Jesus and walk out who He has called them to be. Which is really my heart and what I want to carry into the Middle East, which is helping women see their identity and the beauty in who God has made them to be. Therefore, as I continue to staff in Hawaii and prepare to go to the Middle East, I would appreciate it if you would pray about being part of my financial team as I continue to get equipped until I permanently move to the field.

Hannah McRight

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