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Haylen Harwell

Haylen Harwell


Hi 🙂

My name is Haylen Harwell. Last year, my senior year of high school the Lord called me to serve the vision of circuit riders. I had a plan to go to cheer on a full ride scholarship, but the Lord put a missionary call on my life. My heart began to break for college campuses across America. My heart burns to see our generation set free by the simple gospel of who Jesus is. Circuit Riders is stationed in Huntington Beach California and send over 200 of us on a tour 2nd semester to all different parts of America and some internationally.

We want to see our generation love and live like Jesus. On these tours, we are assigned a region of America and go to big name college universities. We put on worship night like events with someone who preaches a message. We have seen so many college kids set free from anxiety, depression and self-hatred in a single moment under Jesus’s name. Our heart is to use resources like social campaigns, music and media to communicate the message of the freedom we have in Jesus.

As you give, first, I want to say how thankful I am for what God is doing in YOUR life. I thank him for the ways he has blessed you in your ability to give to serve someone’s calling. I honor and admire your obedience. I hope you know you are playing a huge role in what God is doing in college campuses across America.

Your generosity inspires me!


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