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Hannah Drass

Hannah Drass


I am Hannah Drass and I have a passion for worship and missions.

I specifically feel marked for the identity of Gen Z and getting back to the heart of worship. I feel blessed to steward the gifts that God has given me on the mission field. I love the way God has lit a fire in me to pursue worship leading and general missions leadership.

I will be returning to YWAM to join the staff team but first I have to complete the 3 month leadership track. Once I finish that I will be going into leading missions for probably the next few years. I feel called to lead students to the nations with the special things God has put in my heart and marked me for. However, I need some help to get there.

After just returning from a season of missions and raising money, I had some stress about raising money again. However, I have so much peace about the financial aspect of this decision to do leadership in YWAM. I don't believe it is the Lord's heart to provide money for one missions journey He called me into and not the next one. I do believe this is what He has called me into right now and with that I have faith He will provide the finances needed to do it!

I would also love prayer support as that has such an impact on everything I do. I hope those who God lays on their heart to support feel comfortable doing so and I would love to partner with anyone on this journey.


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