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Genesis Valentin

Hello, everyone!

I recently graduated with a Masters in Education from my own Alma Mater, Southeastern University and currently pursuing a second Masters in Family Ministries. I thought I knew what my “next steps” would be, but the Lord had something else in mind and I am so glad that He did! After going on so many missions trips through my church and school, I never thought I’d become a missionary, but here I am! Crazy to say this, BUT… I am a full-time missionary with the Circuit Riders empowered by YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Huntington Beach, California!

Circuit Riders exist to save the lost, revive the saved and train them all to live like Jesus. One of the areas in which I’ll be working within Circuit Riders will be with the Brave Love Women initiative. Brave Love is focused on helping women find their voice, remove every inhibitor keep them from walking in their God-given calling and find their mission.

Through this, we will be traveling across America (college campus and overall communities) and internationally to gather and catalyze women into salvation, awakening and mobilization. At our gatherings, women will get the opportunity to join for two days of worship, activation and training. Brave Love is focused on helping women find their voice, remove every inhibitor keep them from walking in their God-given calling and find their mission. We start the first night with our main Brave Love event. The second day will be all about activation and the next steps to seeing an impact. First, we gather at lunch for an hour of evangelism and outreach. Second, we gather every woman who is hungry to start an expression of Brave Love where they are!

The majority of the global church is women. When we look at the need in the world we cannot consider our frailty or our lack. We must speak, we must act, we must go! I firmly believe that women are called by God to bring change to our nation and our world! I believe that the time is NOW and we cannot put this on hold… we cannot withhold truth, we cannot withhold love! There is fruit when we respond to God in obedience, He honors it and delights in it. When we take a closer look at the bible, we can see SO MANY examples of women who were driven by love and recklessly submitted themselves to the call of God on their lives. If I were to retrace my story and look back on all that God has done for me and has deposited in me, I am moved to go, how can I not be obedient to what He has called me forward?! Paul says “By the grace of God I am what I am…”, and I know I am here for a purpose, I am here for something bigger than me, something more than I can envision and only walking with Jesus can I see this being fulfilled.

It would be an absolute honor of mine to see you partner with me through prayer and finances to help sow into this next generation of women revivalists to go out into the nations and see the lost return home! I want you to know that what you sow into me, you sow into them. If you are passionate about investing into the next generation, would you consider partnering with me in this mission through prayer and financially, to see a generation of women become fully alive in the love of Jesus?

I am so expectant for what God is going to do, for all that He will unfold through this journey and be able to share it all with you! I pray an abundance of blessing and may the Lord multiply every ounce of your generosity. JEHOVAH JIREH IS GOOD, HE IS ENOUGH AND HE WILL PROVIDE!

Much love,


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