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Geanina Tintesan

Hello! My name is Geanina.

I grew up in an orthodox family during the communist time in Romania. I met God at 24 years old without anyone preaching me the Gospel and I started a beautiful journey of healing, freedom and restoration.

At first I served in the church at the children's ministry, then God put the deep desire in my heart to see people set free from any kind of bondage, help them to walk with The Lord in their God-given identity.

In 2019 God spoke to me about being a prophetic artist, so I started to paint and I saw God bringing freedom, joy and peace to those whose houses my art entered. I am passionate about bringing revival all across the world. Since I was little, I was imagining Heaven looking like all kinds of people, different colors, different cultures, man, woman, young and old and my heart was full of love for them. I am pioneering a new movement of revival in which God is bringing freedom and healing and I will disciple others to walk with God and create with God.

As I received my freedom and healing, I began discipling people in the online school called Kingdom Culture and Personal Revival with Arise Global. This school is taking place currently in Romania and Asia. We saw our students revived, set free and commissioned to go and carry out what they learned. Miracles of reconciliations, supernatural physical healings and emotional healings took place. Additionally, with the Arise Global team, we pray and minister prophetically to missionaries around the globe.

I would be honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with me to help bring people into freedom and ignite a new wave of missionaries that will touch the world. I long to see free and powerful people fully alive and restored, walking with God from their identity.

May Jesus receive the reward of everything He died and rose for!


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