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Grace Terrill

Grace Terrill


Hello!! My name is Grace and I am getting ready to be launched into full-time cross-cultural missions.

For the last several years the Lord has been burning my heart to see the nations come back to their first love, Jesus Christ. I have grown a love for experiencing different cultures, languages, food, and most of all, people. But it goes deeper than just traveling and adrenaline rushes. I want to see revival in every people group. I want to see different tribes, skin colors, and ethnicities redeemed back to their original identity in Christ. I want to see the evil of this world pushed back by sounds of worship in every language. 

Everyone has a role to play in the Great Commission. The ones being sent and the ones to send. If you cannot be sent, that doesn’t disqualify you from advancing the Gospel. The best two ways you can support me and my ministry are:

1. By praying for protection, health, financial provision, revelation, and deeper conviction of the Gospel for me.

2. To consider giving a monthly gift to help fund the trip before me. Every dollar goes farther than we know and there is internal inheritance in giving.

Thank you for your support, I love that a life of missions involves a life full of friends, family, and meaningful connections. We get to do this together. God bless!!


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