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Gabby Miller

Gabby Miller


Helloooo! I am Gabby Miller. I am a full time missionary partnered with YWAM Circuit Riders based in Huntington Beach, California!

Circuit Riders is a collaborative non-profit missions organization that strives to save the lost, revive the saved, and train them all - no matter the cost. My solidified mindset is to spend my short time here being used as a vessel to bring people into the Kingdom of heaven as Gods inheritance.

I first started long-term missions after the Lord called me to drop out of college. I moved to Huntington Beach Cali. After spending three months learning effective ways to share the gospel, I will be launched to Eastern Europe, where I will sing and share the gospel in 11 countries. I will be a part of pioneering 4 countries who have not been met with a Carry The Love Tour.

I’m so stoked and anticipating what the Lord has planned for my years to come. For now, I have committed one year to serving as a member of Circuit Riders to reach my generation. I will be touring high schools and universities around the world igniting the youth to serve and love Jesus with the same fire and passion I have found :)

I believe I am a “goer”. Therefore, I need “senders” to prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and financially to save a generation that’s lost sight of what matters most.

If this is you, I am honored to walk alongside you through these adventures!


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