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Greg & Kelli Hildebrandt

We are moving to McAllen, Texas to join a ministry called Kaleo International. McAllen is located on the US/Mexico border. Kaleo is based out of Reynosa, Mexico - right across the border from McAllen.

What is Kaleo?

Kaleo is a ministry of both Mexican nationals and international believers. They operate a migrant center, a jail ministry, feeding programs, church planting and more. We first became acquainted with Kaleo and their leaders when we went to Africa in 2018. Kaleo is looking to expand into McAllen and want us to help pioneer some new paths forward.

Why the move all of a sudden?

This has been stirring in both Kelli and Greg for some years now. Long emails are hard to read, so for those who are interested, we've provided a more in depth story you can read here. There was a significant confirmation God gave us that we'd love to share with you!

***Will you consider partnering with us?***

Kaleo does not pay a salary, so we will raise financial support in order to do ministry. Gifts are tax-deductible and can be made online or by check. Please click the "Donate" button under our picture.

While this was a big decision, it is our honor to follow Jesus anywhere He may lead. It's always worth it! While donations are needed, so is prayer. We are grateful for you and hope you will consider supporting us one way or another!

Greg and Kelli

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