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Grace Gladem

Grace Gladem


Hi! Grace here!

I am a full time missionary with EveryHeart Movement, a YWAM missions community. EveryHeart Movement exists to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every heart, every neighbor, everywhere. Our mission is to see every heart met and sent by the love of Jesus!

EveryHeart Movement has multiple circles of ministry. We have Tours, MBL Campuses, MBL Worship, Unity Gatherings, and a Prayer Room ministry. I am involved in all of these circles, primarily in Worship and Media! The reality is, we are in a digital age.  Over 93% of Gen Z are active daily on social media, and only 4% of Gen Z have a biblical worldview.

We as creatives have the responsibility to make content that is shifting the culture of social media to Kingdom culture! In my position I have the opportunity to do just that. The digital presence of the movement can catalyze thousands into the great commission and reach so many unreached with the Gospel! God is more than capable of using social media to save souls!

We have also seen thousands have opportunities to respond to the Gospel because of our worship gatherings and released music. Being a part of our worship collective has been such a unique way to minister and let the gospel go forth! 

As a full-time missionary, my only source of income is through your generosity! Please prayerfully consider partnering with me in seeing every heart met and sent by the love of Jesus! Thank you! 


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