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Garrett Fisher

Garrett Fisher



My name is Garrett Fisher, I grew up in New Holland, PA and I just got done with my Discipleship training school in Huntington Beach CA with Circuit Riders. CR is an organization directed at High School and College age students all around the US.

This past spring, I went on tour to Michigan and Ohio to preach the Gospel all around those states and so many people saved and give their lives completely to Jesus. SO AMAZING!!!

Now is the time where people need to know Jesus. We need to spark action into the cities across the nation. To become a Jesus people.

In this next phase of my life, I feel called back to California to train more missionaries to preach across the nation. But to do that I could use your help! I need to have $1500 a month to live out in CA and disciple new people to become radical evangelists. What I need right now is your support whether that be in the form of money or even keeping me in your prayers.

If you choose to donate monthly or one time donation, or even feel led to learn more about what I’m doing, feel free to contact me at any time! I just bless every single person that has a heart for missions and is supporting missions.



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