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Glory Fernandez

Glory Fernandez


Hi friends!!

My name is Glory, like Glory To God :)

I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a Full-Time missionary this Summer throughout the Midwest region. I will be joining Compassion to Action under Global Mercy Missions, where we’ll be on the road on our Gospel Tour Truck, making our mark in the Nation. This is a group of sons and daughters who have a zeal to spread the love, share the Good News, heal the sick, set the captives free, lift up and encourage His children! We are on a mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to be the light, to serve, to walk in compassion, to testify of our God, and to share the love, mercy and grace that changed our lives. 

Throughout these last few years the Lord has put a passion in my heart to take church out of the four walls and bring it to His people. To carry His presence EVERYWHERE we go, from living rooms, to parks, neighborhoods, parking lots, beaches, schools, universities and anywhere he sends us. Allowing the Move of God to be an overflow of my life and to spark something in people that empowers them to live out a Kingdom Mentality with full confidence. It is an honor to be an open and willing vessel used by the King in such a beautiful way and to see His children come back home. 

I would love for you to partner with me in prayer and intercession for the harvest of souls in this Nation and that hearts would be opened and softened to receive.

I am in need of monthly financial investors that will partner with what God is doing through my life for the Kingdom of God. Your generosity will propel me to step out into this God given assignment and to fund all my necessities while being on the road. 

I am so grateful for your prayerful consideration to sow into this mission and get to share with you what the Lord is doing through your YES!!

Much Love, Glory :)

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