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Gage DeGrave

Gage DeGrave


Hey thank you for taking time to read!

I am Gage! A fully time missionary with RSM (Radiant School of Ministry) calling a generation to rise from the ashes to radiate the light of Jesus to the world, to be disciples that make disciples, training and sending pioneers with a heart for revival here in Kalamazoo, Michigan and to the ends of the earth!

I believe we are at a critical point in history as your reading this a generation is in the midst of being led astray, discipled by culture and relevancy, serving the idols of the last generation that they failed to tear down, and perishing right in front of us! Being a disciple of Jesus, is getting to be more and more rare, but I believe there's hope and that God is raising up a generation of leaders, pastors, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and apostles! To rise up for the church in this hour! To purify the bride of Christ!

This reality has taken any other dream, passion, or desire of mine, so that I can bow at the feet of Jesus and follow him! I have followed Jesus here to RSM, where he is calling me to disciple students who wholeheartedly minister to the Fathers heart. I will be helping to pioneer a travel ministry and travel this nation and preach the gospel, to teach the word of God, and be a voice to prepare the way of the Lord in my generation! We will be contending for revival on college campuses, middle schools and high schools across the nation as we ignite my Generation to the greatest mission in this hour - to finish the great commission!

I've decided to invest my life into what God is building and forming here at this school. It is truly remarkable the environment that Radiant Church and the Radiant network is empowering, cultivating and stewarding to allow the presence of God to be put first, to dwell, and to rest on this school, church, and community! The leaders that God has assembled are training and raising up the next generation to pour out our lives, wisdom, and intimacy with Jesus. They are hosting the Spirit of God in a school that shapes, molds, and transforms disciples into their identity, establishing a spiritual foundation and calling us into our first calling - to know Jesus!

Would you prayerfully consider being on a team with me, both in prayer and/or financially, to raise up a generation that seeks the face of Jesus. A generation that is being sent out to transform the nations, the church, spheres of society, and prepare families and communities for the Revival to come!

Thank you, grace and peace to you and your family!


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