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Francois & Aline Du Toit

Francois & Aline Du Toit


We are the du Toit family: Francois, Aline, Joy and Emma.

We have been serving in missions and ministry in South America, South Africa, Mozambique and now in the United States for over 15 years.

Francois is passionate about seeing the great commission lived out - the lost coming to Jesus and being discipled. He serves as a volunteer in the Evangelism team at Bethel Church under the leadership of Tom Crandall (a senior leader and overseer of Evangelism at Bethel Church). Francois is involved leading local evangelism teams, serving in regional crusades with 1Hope4America, and overseeing a weekly discipleship class for new believers.

Aline is passionate about leading people into an intimate relationship with Jesus and equipping/encouraging them to walk out their personal callings from that place. Aline is a full time mom and wife primarily and she serves the Body of Christ in different avenues. She mentors people on a one on one basis in various countries via online platforms, serves BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) Online Portuguese as a mentor to students, and is in the leadership of 2 Revival Groups (around 50 people per group). Aline is also part of the BCS (Bethel Christian School) intercession team.

They both lead a weekly Jesus Dinner at their home, which is a ministry focused on reaching out to non-Christians and new believers.  

Thank you for your consistent prayer and financial support.

Francois, Aline, Joy & Emma

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