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Elijah Ward

Elijah Ward


Hello, my name is Elijah.

My wife and I are preparing to move long term to Bishkek Kyrgyzstan and we need your help to get there! 

I am newly married and have been staffing and leading schools on the best missions sending base in the world in Kona Hawaii for the last 2 years and we really believe the Lord is launching us out to the nations. The time is now! 

Would love for you to partner with us in giving and sowing into the great commission! 

We will be mostly focusing on Bible disruption in remote villages. People who don’t have access to the Bible in their mother language, and some who have never heard the name Jesus. 

I have some photos of me and a team doing Bible distribution from last summer in South Sudan 

We gave out bibles, preached on the streets and in schools. We also showed the Jesus film in villages! 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support 


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