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Eileen Walker

Eileen Walker


Hi! My name is Eileen Walker. From a young age I have burned for the lost. Through a dream in 2011 the Lord marked me with the convicting verses in Romans 10 that say: “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?” As a Christian, I have been sent. These are souls, I have to go!

So, for years, I have known I would join the mission field. Of course, I have been in school, so my campuses have been my mission field. But, now that I am graduated, though I will continue eagerly in prayer for my former schools, I will be joining Circuit Riders. I could not be more thankful or excited. I was shocked when I first became acquainted with CR by how deeply a ministry shared my heart for the lost as well as the church. Devoted to knowing and loving Jesus and seeing His kingdom and glory invade the Earth! Seeing a generation encounter His love and then carry His love to every corner! Believing and contending for revival and for the great commission to be fulfilled in our day! Seeing a generation say “yes” to Jesus no matter the cost! This is my heart! The Lamb is worthy, the Lamb is worthy!

Circuit Riders, in short, exists to save the lost, revive the saved, and train them all. They run a training school throughout the fall where students come to be equipped in the bible, evangelism and their specific skill set, whether that’s music, media, preaching, etc. After the training is over, the students and staff tour college and high school campuses all across America and Europe. Oh how middle, high school and college students are desperate for the good news. And oh how hopeful to imagine what it would look like if college students weren’t just saved but also trained and sent. Equipped to reach their friends and the nations. This is what CR is all about. Inspiring a generation to love like Jesus. Those that have been saved for 10 years and 10 minutes, because God is so good, so real and so worthy!

As Circuit Rider staff I will be doing several tasks. For those that know me, you know I have been singing, songwriting and leading worship since I was little. My heart burns to see Jesus glorified. For glory, honor and praise to be lifted to His holy name. My heart also burns for His presence. What is better than His glory? Praise God He inhabits the praise of His people (Ps. 22). I just want people to encounter Jesus! So, add this together and you have someone who loves to worship and lead others in worship. With that, I will be doing just that for the training school as well as leading prayer sets. I will be songwriting throughout my days, working on new music projects with the band. And lastly, I will be a part of the team pioneering CR YOUTH! The heart cry behind CR YOUTH is to take responsibility for our generation. We exist to inspire and equip middle and high school students to live fully surrendered to Jesus! Youth reaching youth. What an honor to be a laborer in this ripe, ripe harvest!

And! With Circuit Rider’s blessing I will continue my work with Tommy Walker Ministries as well. Declaring the gospel through worship, making music and worship resources accessible and free.

THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you thank you for saying yes to Jesus and broadening His kingdom as you give! I could not and cannot do this work without you.

Only for His glory,

Eileen Walker

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