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Ella Wachendorfer

Ella Wachendorfer


Hi my name is Ella Wachendorfer!! I am 21 years old and I am in full-time missions.

When COVID shut down most in person universities in the spring of 2020, I decided to take a year away from school. I worked full time as a server during the fall, and started something I had been dreaming of: Lifted Clothing Co. The heart behind Lifted was to share the how Jesus lifts us out of the depths, and to encourage others to share that with the people around them.

In January 2021, I flew to Kona, Hawaii to attend a DTS (discipleship training school) with YWAM Kona.

I was on a team of 12 people, led by Lauren Haugen to Uganda, Africa. We lived there for 3 months in a village called Mityana. Our team hosted crusades where we worshipped, shared the gospel, prayed for people, and saw so many people set free through Christ. We went to 8 different villages where we partnered with local churches, went door to door, and loved on the community (helping with whatever needs). We saw over 1,500 salvations, 55 people healed, 4 witch doctors give their lives to Jesus, and countless seeds planted/gospel shared.

Exactly one year after I went to Kona as a student, I flew back to staff the January school coming in. I had no idea the wild adventure the next 6 months would be! Around 250 wild students came in from all over the world eager to know God and make Him known. Had the opportunity to lead 12 students alongside my co-leader and friend Esiah Rosario. During lecture phase (3 months In Kona), we discipled and equipped our students while planning outreach.

Our team of 14 moved to San Francisco where we partnered with crazy love ministries (Francis Chan) to pioneer the hundred cities initiative training, evangelized, worked with Afghan refugees, built relationships and discipled the people we met. Coming along side Crazy love and their vision for this training: to live missionally in less churched American cities.

We also got to see the love of God radically transform lives all across America. We road tripped from California to Kansas City and back for The Send (a stadium gathering calling and equipping believers into missions).

During this time, we saw crazy healings and salvations in gas stations and places like Subway. I was able to grasp God's heart for America and see how hungry this nation really is for the gospel.

After 2 years of walking in surrender to the Lord's will, I can't help but continue to follow his call on my life. I will be fulfilling my 2 year commitment by going back to staff a 2nd year in September with YWAM Kona. I will lead a new team to a nation (unsure which one yet...but anywhere in the world)!

My heart is to see the revelation of the cross LIFT you and the people around you out of the depths. With the Belifted Beloved line: raising awareness about suicide and affirming identity as we are sons and daughters of God. To the Gospel News shirt being a reminder and conversation starter of the BEST NEWS: the gospel and the hope this generation carries in this broken world. I ultimately want to see revival and hope brought to this nation and beyond through LIFTED.

One way you can partner with me is through prayer for this vision and also any and all sales directly fund what I'm doing on the mission field.

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