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Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas


My name is Emma Thomas and I joined Circuit Riders back in October!

After completing my Carry the Love Tour, where we have seen so many set free, healed, and delivered; Circuit Riders has invited me back to staff full time! Our mission as Circuit Riders is to see a generation set free by mobilizing movements and catalyzing young people into their calling! We are a movement set on fire for the gospel and won’t stop till everyone has tasted and seen the Lord!

As I have mentioned Circuit Riders is devoted to see a generation set free by sharing the simple gospel with university’s across America, Europe, and now were spreading to South Africa! Our world is hungry for Truth, and we have the answer, Jesus! Circuit Riders is unique in the way where we cultivate a place of dwelling for God, while at the same time, we bridge the fellowship of believers to action.

One of the roles I will have, is serving new girls that come to our school and help commission them into their calling and navigate the obstacles and nuances the Lord is guiding them through. One of the ways Circuit Riders has mobilized the gospel, is by putting on events like The Send. The Send is a stadium wide gathering that brings people from all walks of life, to step into their missional calling. We gather under the banner of Love into the presence of Jesus.

I believe we are in a sending movement. We’re about to see, and have already seen people on fire for Jesus and we won’t stop till every person is reached!

I will be moving to California and traveling all across America and Europe to share the gospel, but I need your help! I would be honored if you would pray fully consider partnering with me to ignite a generation into their original design.

Weather that be through monthly financial support or one time donation! My hearts desire is to see the oppressed set free and alive and in love with God!


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