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Emily Stubblefield

Emily Stubblefield


Hi, I’m Emily Stubblefield!

I first heard about Circuit Riders through their music. Soon after, they did the Carry the Love Tour and had an event at a college near my house. I was so impacted by the love of Jesus that was so present in that room and I was so encouraged that I had finally met a group of people who were living out the godly community that I had always dreamed of.

This Spring I had the honor to lead worship for the Carry the Love tour, inviting people into the same Kingdom family that I felt so invited into when I first attended Carry the Love. I am also now on staff!

Just to give an idea of what I am doing, I will be primarily serving as a nanny for Chase and Lindy Cofer, helping out with music, staffing schools, going on tour, evangelism, etc.

This being said, I am living 100% off of support. I encourage you to pray and ask the Lord, whether it be monthly donations or a one time donation, what to give.

Thank you so much. You are what is making all of this possible.

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