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Edgar Mondragon

Edgar Mondragon


Jesus is King!

When my dad passed away, I believed the Jesus story to be a myth. During my college years, I became a full blown atheist/agnostic and soon I was apathetic and tied to different kinds of self-destructive behaviours, lacking joy and peace. But Jesus showed up in my life and revealed Himself to me, filling my heart to overflow. After that encounter, my life has been transformed, and today I actively share about the love of Jesus so that others may know his life.

Now I’m joining as full-time staff with Circuit Riders, a ministry of YWAM that focuses on gathering young adults of America and Europe to preach the Gospel. We’ve also been growing into larger city wide gatherings where we collaborate with local ministries to preach the gospel and save the lost.

Coming out of the pandemic, I believe today there is an open window to see revival and an awakening in our generation. The Gospel of Jesus must be preached!

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