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Eunice Lim

Eunice Lim


To God be the highest praise, honor and glory! 

To briefly introduce:

Eunice is a missionary serving with the international non profit missions organization called Youth With A Mission in Lausanne Switzerland. Her vision is to see healing and reconciliation take place in families by knowing God rightly through His Word. She has a love of discipleship, evangelism, counseling, photography, families, and so much more. She had a strong desire and heart for missions since she was in her teens but it was only after her DTS in 2020 that she got the courage to finally step out in obedience to God’s calling in her life. After her DTS, she continued with a secondary level leadership school called MLD that confirmed her calling in missions, solidified key aspects of following Jesus and how that is lived out in her personal life and as a leader. She continued her studies and growth in YWAM to be better equipped with walking closely with people in discipleship and mentorship. She has completed a counseling school and is halfway through her year long Bible school. She is continuing to staff whilst being a student in many areas of campus logistics. All in all, she is committed to know God and make Him Known to all generations, nations, and people groups. 

YWAM values trusting in the Lord for finances and so no one gets paid to serve. Everything from accommodations, meals, transportation, essentials, medical expenses, etc need to be fundraised. So your financial support will help Eunice continue her missions work and to help her finish her yearlong Bible school.

Her mission work revolves around serving all the students who are coming to learn about God from all over the world, who are at different walks in their life. Serving can look different from quarter to quarter but ultimately it boils down to relationships. No matter if she is serving in practical areas like accounting, preparing a meal for everyone, cleaning the restrooms, or picking up after someone, that all affects the people who come through the campus to seek after God. There are many needs for a campus to function and whatever those needs are, she is ready to jump in. Serving can also be being conscious of her surroundings and seeing the one who needs a prayer or a shoulder to cry on. The day to days are never the same when led by the Spirit.

Your prayers and generosity will make a lasting impact in the individuals, families, generations, communities and nations that come to seek after God in YWAM Lausanne but also the nations that are reached from this community.


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