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Elizabeth Kuhn

Elizabeth Kuhn


Hello! My name is Lizzy, and I am a missionary with YWAM in Scotland.

I have been serving here for two years, and have committed for three more years (at least!). When Jesus welcomed me to come join the work He is doing here in this community at such a time as this, the moment the plane touched the ground in Scotland I heard Him say, "Welcome home!" God has shared His heart for this team, my local community, and the nation of Scotland and I want to partner with God's dreams for these dearly loved people and this wonderful land coming true.

Here are some of the many ways I serve YWAM Scotland:

• I serve on our team as Volunteer Coordinator - seeking to share with visitors the values our team cultivates year round, the rich Christian heritage of Scotland, and service opportunities to build up our local church and community.

• I lead a dedicated space for creative expression to build up the artists on our team

• I lead intercession for our staff and their families

• I contribute strong support for the functioning and flourishing of my YWAM community and

• I serve my local church, and build relationships in my local community, sharing God's love and the hope I've found in Jesus.

In order to continue serving in Scotland and in this community, I must raise monthly support to cover living and ministry expenses. Would you prayerfully consider joining my support network? I currently need to raise about $500 more in monthly support.

Peace be with you.


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