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Ethan Kress

Ethan Kress


Ethan Kress is a full time missionary with Circuit Riders, a branch of Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Before missions, Ethan spent many years in the local Nashville music and recording industry, before realizing this simple truth. Chasing the Lord is greater than any award, or fame that can come out of the world. Since the decision to step out of the recording artist realm, he has spent years focusing on leading others in worship, and teaching/preaching the Gospel to others. 

With Circuit Riders, Ethan's main focus is to lead others through worship, as well as be an asset in leading and helping in international missions through festivals and evangelical means. 

Ethan also feels led and called to reach those Christians who know Jesus, but have yet to fully surrender their all to the Lord, showing them the Lord still moves and He still loves. 

Ethan is building a team of kingdom minded investors who collectively would invest $2,000 a month,allowing him to fully serve the Circuit Rider movement in Huntington Beach, California. These funds would be utilized for simple living costs, allowing Ethan to be fully focused on reaching the lost generation in our country and our planet.

Would you prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly supporters, or supporting through a one time gift?

God bless!

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