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Emma Ingraham

Emma Ingraham


Hi friends! My name is Emma Ingraham and I am on staff at the School of Biblical Studies with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Kona!

The school is dedicated to the full-time study of the bible over the course of an academic year. The heart behind this 9 month programme is to disciple students to grow in their understanding of the bible through intense study, in order to see the larger story and message of the Gospel, and to enjoy a greater love for God. This intensive bible school takes the students through the scriptures 5 times over the course of the 9 months and teaches them how to study through the indicative bible study method. This method highlights the importance of self-study, historical background information, and context.

I began my journey in YWAM with my DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Kona, Hawaii in the Autumn of 2020. This 6 month course changed my life. I was impacted by the love of Jesus for me and others, and His heart to save the lost. This 6 month season was a time the Lord used to work in my heart and give me a better and fuller revelation of who Jesus is and why I need Him in my life.

Following my DTS, my soul was hungry to know the bible and understand more of God for myself. So, I did the SBS (School of Biblical Studies) in September of 2021 and I graduated from the course in late June of 2022. This was the most important season of my life as I studied the word of God, grew to understand more of His character, and worked through difficult topics and passages. After finishing this school, my passion for the bible has only increased. I am so excited to go back to Kona, for my third year - but returning as staff for the School of Biblical Studies.

As a staff member, I will be walking with next years' students as they study the bible. I will be a small group leader, in charge of a few women- doing one-on-ones and weekly check-ins to see how they're doing and pray for them. I will also be given the opportunity to teach. Over the 9 months I will be teaching select bible books to the students- covering historical background, structure, literature, and themes. I will be continuing with my study alongside the group of students, so that I can be equipped to teach.

I would love for you to pray and consider partnering with me financially as I study and teach the bible! This new step joining staff for the school means it's time for me to start gathering prayer and financial partners as I step into a new role. I can't wait to get started on staff!

Thank you!


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