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Eve Hurt

Eve Hurt


Hey! I’m Eve Hurt! I’m currently a full time missionary with Fire & Fragrance at YWAM Kona (Youth With A Mission).

YWAM is currently the largest missions sending organization in the WORLD. Our mission is to go to the ends of the earth to reach the unreached. Our statement is, “To Know God and to make Him know.”

I completed my DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Fall 23-24, and did my outreach phase in South Africa. Did you know South Africa is the furthest place you can go from Kona? We quite literally went to the ends of the earth to preach the gospel. While in South Africa we saw hundreds of lost souls come to Jesus. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be in full time missions. Over the last 10 years of my life the Lord has planted seeds calling me to the lost. I remember on one of our last nights in South Africa, I looked at my leaders and said, “I don’t want to live the American dream or to settle down.” I knew I wanted to be used to strengthen the kingdom. 

God has began to download in me a greater love and compassion for the next generation (Gen Alpha), and for my generation, (Gen Z). My heart longs to see a generation, and a nation come back to their first love. I long to see the church sit at the feet of Jesus, to encounter His presence. As part of Gen Z, I believe there is a generation rising up that is completely unsatisfied with the world. This generation is wanting more, they are hungry for the Word of God.

My heart burns for Gen Z. Gen Z is looking for more, and is in desperate need to know the truth. Statistics show that 70% of Gen Z feels morally obligated to change the world. 53% of young Christians see themselves as potential missionaries. Only 4% of of Gen Z has a biblical worldview. While looking at the statistics, it’s clear that Gen Z is called to fulfill the Great Commission.

We have an assignment to rise up for such a time as this. Our calling is to raise up a generation whose hearts burn for Jesus. Only 4% of Gen Z has a biblical worldview, but 70% feel obligated to change the world. We want to ignite Gen Z for revival across the world, and freedom from the world.

I came home from DTS with a fresh heart piece of Matthew 28. I understand that stepping into this full time, I am making a commitment to being apart of completing the Great Commission. 

Partners, you guys are the biggest blessing the Lord has given me in this season. Through prayer, or financially, thank you for pouring into me. I would love the opportunity to partner with each of you. Please connect. In any way you choose to support, thank you.




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