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Emily Eve

Emily Eve


Hi, my name is Emily!

Throughout 2019, God has moved in my life in ways I wasn’t expecting. When the year started, I was focused on getting a job more suited to my skills. However, even with all the applications and interviews I wasn’t finding any opportunities in the design field. Since I was young, I have loved to travel, and that prompted me to look into jobs that could take me overseas. I started researching what it takes to become a second language English teacher. I looked into different programs and courses and decided to become a certified ESL teacher. On the same day back in March, God opened two doors for me. I signed up for a TEFL Certificate course and He provided me with a job in my major. I walked both paths at the same time, gaining friends and experience in my new job and learning how to teach through the TEFL course. However, I couldn’t walk both paths forever and at the end of Summer, I had to decide what to do next. When the time came to choose, with prayer and faith, I asked God to lead me and started making preparations to move abroad to teach.

The school’s vision is focused on education, but I will be working with other teachers who share the same goals as I have for ministry.

Your prayers and support help me stay open to the needs of the community and other opportunities to minister to those around me. It helps me meet God in the community and not turn down opportunities and moments because I am not able to afford it. Your prayers and support also help me stay prepared for unexpected moments and situations that might be too much for me to handle.

So thank you for supporting me and standing by me as I start this new adventure.


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