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Evan Elieff

Evan Elieff


Evan is a student at the Radiant School of Ministry and will be moving into his 3rd year in the mission’s track program. Over the last two years in RSM, Evan has been learning and practicing practical ministry skills to be able to share the love of Christ effectively around his neighborhood and around the world.


 In the third year of RSM, Evan will be partnering with "The Gateway Project" in Morocco for an 8-month residency. The goal of gateway is to go after 100 gateway cities in order to have access to the remaining unreached people groups and fulfill the great commission. The focus of this residency will be to make disciples, start house churches and train disciples up to do the same. In short, their goal is church multiplication.

Evan is passionate about going to the unreached and seeing those who are broken and without hope find joy and a new life in Christ.

Evan is building a team of kingdom minded investors to help raise $1,365 in monthly support. This will allow for Evan to fully serve in what God has called him to in this season and devote himself to full time ministry while on the mission field.

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