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Elijah Bell

Elijah Bell


Hello my name is Elijah Bell!

I was born in India and got adopted at the age of 5. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 6. Growing up my heart has always been to serve the Lord around the world. God saved me from being a slave in India and gave me an opportunity to serve Him on the mission field.

My desire is to be the hands and feet of the body of Christ and go wherever the Lord calls me to. Currently the Lord has called me to serve and partner at a YWAM base in KC, Missouri. I will be doing training to be able to bring the Gospel more efficiently to nations like India and the Philippines.

In order to be a full time missionary, I need the support of the body of Christ. Supporting me in missions isn’t about giving me money to do whatever with, but it’s about partnering with me to serve God on missions abroad. Your prayers put a spiritual cover over me. Your financial support allows me to do missions and covers costs for housing, ministry supplies, and traveling expenses. I need support from the body of Christ so that I can run the race that God has set before me in the mission field. Will you pray about partnering with me financially?

Thanks! Elijah

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