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Elijah Belay

Elijah Belay


Hey! My name is Elijah Belay and I'm a missionary.

I grew up going to Bethel Church in Redding, Ca, where I fell in love with the presence of God. I learned to follow and obey His voice and He took me to YWAM Kona where I got my calling to Missions.

As I followed the Lord, He has developed a burning passion for me to see Gen Z and Alpha to be lit on FIRE for Jesus. God has also given me a heart for Estonia, to see revival sweep the country. Currently, ministry has looked like me driving around Northern California preaching the gospel and equipping the youth with tools for evangelism and hearing the Voice of God.

God has spoken clearly through others and to me that I should go back to Kona in January and staff a Fire and Fragrance DTS. This would look like me doing a 3 month Leadership track, where I would be developed not only as a leader but also as a person. I will also be growing in intimacy with God. After these 3 months, I would go on to serve at the April school for Fire and Fragrance at YWAM Kona.

To make all this possible I need to raise monthly support! Both finanically and in intercession. So if you feel lead to, links below! This will go to training me to be a missionary and fulfill the great commission, as well let me train others to be missionaries.


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