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Emma Bartel

Emma Bartel


Dear friends,

I'm thrilled to share that over the past six weeks, I've been immersed in a Leadership Development Program with YWAM in Amsterdam. The journey has been nothing short of transformative. I'm delighted to announce that I've been invited to serve on the staff for a school here in January—a door of opportunity from the Lord that I eagerly anticipate walking through!

I am writing to invite you to partner with me on this exciting mission. I will be part of the staff team leading a 23-week Discipleship Training School (DTS) commencing in January 2024.

The DTS is a comprehensive course designed to deepen one's relationship with Jesus Christ within the context of missions. The program is divided into two phases: the first half consists of lectures in Amsterdam, where I will delve into the teachings that will guide their spiritual journey. The second half involves hands-on outreach to various nations, with a special emphasis on reaching out to those who have never heard the Gospel, particularly in the Muslim world.

The heart of our mission is to fulfill the calling of Jesus to make disciples of all people groups. To achieve this, we recognize the importance of walking as disciples ourselves. Understanding who God is and embracing our identity in Him compels us to share the Good News with others, fueled by His transformative love.

Our DTS has a special focus on the Bible, delving into the revelation of God's heart, character, and nature through Scripture and the life of Jesus. We believe that being rooted in the Word of God is foundational to effective and meaningful mission work.

Additionally, we are honored to have speakers who actively serve in the 10/40 Window, a region with a significant concentration of unreached people groups. Our outreach efforts will be concentrated in this area, specifically targeting the Muslim world. The school will receive specialized training on ministering to Muslim communities, equipping us to share the Gospel in a culturally sensitive and impactful manner.

As a culmination of our journey, we hope to travel as a school to Israel at the end of the lecture phase (subject to entry restrictions). This trip holds special significance as it brings together our two focal points — deepening our understanding of Scripture and gaining insight into God's heart for the Middle East.

To make this mission possible, I am seeking partners who share the passion for spreading the Gospel and making disciples. I am in need of prayer and financial support in the amount of $1100/month to cover essential expenses, including travel, accommodation, and mission-related activities.

Your support, whether through prayer or financial contribution, will play a pivotal role in the success of our mission. I am including the weblink detailing YWAM Amsterdam's mission and the DTS program for your reference:

Thank you so much for considering this opportunity to partner with me in spreading the love and message of Jesus Christ. Your generosity and prayers make a significant impact, and I am beyond grateful for your support.

May God's blessings abound in your life.

In Christ's love,

Emma Bartel

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