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David Zvonar

David Zvonar


Hey friend, my name is David and I am a 20-year old guy from The Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a small country in the heart of Europe.

Three years ago, something happened in my heart and since that moment I have been broken for people to get to know Jesus. Two years ago, I found out about the organization called Circuit Riders in California (Empowered by YWAM) and last year I joined them. My life was totally transformed. From a timid European teenager to a traveling missionary.

This fall I will be in California and in spring we will be on our European tour where we travel and gather and activate Christians into greater freedom and boldness.

I want to give my time to this calling and I want to serve The Great Commission. Your investment into my life will go straight to support me in this missionary lifestyle in America and also in European countries. In the end to God be the glory.

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