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Deepa Shrestha

Deepa Shrestha


Hi friends!!

Who Am I?

My name is Deepa and I am a second generation believer from Kathmandu. I have recently joined full-time ministry with the YWAM team, Fire and Fragrance Himalayas. I attended their Discipleship Training School (DTS) in 2019. During that time I got to know God’s love for me, and it transformed my heart and my life. He set me free from the struggles and lies that I had believed since childhood. After DTS God ignited a deep passion in my heart to invite His children to know the love of the Father. In these past 2 years I have seen many of my own people experience the love of God and commit their lives to following Jesus. This encourages me to reach out to more people and testify transformation in Christ.

My Vision

There are remote places in Nepal where people are hearing the Gospel but they do not have any access to training or teaching. I want to serve and equip these people through Discipleship and Bible Training. In Kathmandu there are so many youth who are just like I was when I was young. Their parents were believers but they don’t truly know God. Many just go to church and follow the religion. I want to encourage and disciple them into knowing God and then equip them to go and make Him known.

My Plan

To do this I am currently serving with my local youth group through Bible Studies and hope to continue to grow that ministry to other Youth Groups. After some years I am seeking to bring a team to remote areas of the Himalayas to establish Bible Training and Discipleship for those who have come to know Jesus.

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