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David Sanders

David Sanders



My name is David Sanders, I am currently full time on staff with The Circuit Riders for a season. We are a part of Youth With a Mission (YWAM). The Lord picked me up from where I was and led me to run with these wild guys for this next season. I want to see people who have never encountered Jesus to actually know him for who He truly is. I want to see people who have encountered this LOVING Jesus be reignited with that same spirit & that same love & fire for the one who saved them.

We run a campaign called “Carry The Love”. Every year we split off across America & gather on University Campuses, High Schools to have worship nights and preach the gospel. This year is COMPLETELY different obviously with Covid-19. We will be doing Socially Distanced Gatherings with masks & all, gathering on campuses, cities, & communities. Why not gather however we can while in the process of wanting to see families come back together, marriages restored, bodies healed, and more importantly SALVATIONS & seeing people commissioned into spreading the Gospel! We want to see Generation Z, Millennials, & just people of all ages encounter the true love of Jesus. Our desire is STILL to inspire a generation to live and love like Jesus. We want to save the lost, revive the saved, and train them all. ABSOLUTELY NONE of that will change even with COVID-19 trying its best. We won’t stop until we see it.

The harvest is ripe! Right now, we are in preparation for Wave 1. My specific region will be leaving the last week of October. We will be touring in 3 waves with all being done in April. The 3 waves are due to the nature of what is happening in our nation worldwide right now, with this pandemic, & what we feel the Lord wants us to do right now. I will be touring in the SOUTHEAST! I will be Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and both Carolinas. I AM STOAKED! All the different regions & their teams are doing the same thing. WE ARE EXCITED! We were not expecting to travel on tour till January, but we will, now is the time.

I really do believe Jesus is up to something in this hour even with a pandemic going on, there are still ways that we can see Jesus explode on the hearts of HIS people while still respecting guidelines & we believe God is going to light a fire on this generation. I am just honestly HONORED & HUMBLED that God chose me to come to be a part of something sooo amazing. God is still moving.

Would you please prayerfully consider investing in what I am doing?? I am believing in God financially for $5,000 which will cover everything I need the whole time I will be touring between Now & April of 2021!! I have tour fees such as housing, gas, equipment etc. that we all have to pay & contribute to as well as, food, rent for back at my place in California, car payments (So I still have my car when I’m done in April), Shipping my Car back to TN, and etc. Thank you so much for investing in not only me, but into a Jesus movement in our nation. If you have any more questions or want to talk more about what I’m doing, you can email me at



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