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Dylan Reilly-Gober

Dylan Reilly-Gober


I’ve been a part of YWAM since 2016, and the longer time goes on, the more I’m convinced that God wants to release a new wave of young missionaries into the nations to see a salvation & discipleship movement and the Great Commission fulfilled.

Within YWAM, I have served and will continue to serve in various capacities:

• Training and discipling young people in the fundamentals of life in Christ and how to maintain longevity in a personal relationship with Him

• Training them how to preach the Gospel and effectively lead people to make decisions for Jesus

• Mobilizing the Western world to move toward the least-reached-with-the-gospel places via training schools, local gatherings, creating content for hundreds of thousands of eyes on social media, and creating content for conference/stadium gatherings

• Serving in whatever other capacity the Lord would ask me to season by season.

The current primary aim of my career in mission is this: that every village in the Himalayas would have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. There are so many ways that the Gospel should transform a society and change culture, and I believe that it’s by the wise and bold proclamation of the Gospel that the door is opened for all of those things to come.

My current step in that process looks like being on staff with YWAM Harpenden in the UK. For the next couple years, I’ll be part of staffing Discipleship Training Schools here, leading teams to the unreached in the Himalayas and serving this base in every way God would ask me. The goal is to become familiar with the culture and the need of where I’ll be leading teams so I can gauge what it would look like to be in the mountains in a full-time expression. I’m here to take steps and listen to God on how to take more steps.

I am building a collaborative team of monthly investors to join me in carrying out the fullness of this vision. Would you prayerfully consider joining my team?


Dylan Reilly-Gober

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