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David Pankratz

David Pankratz


Hello Everyone! Thank you for your interest, I am taking a leap into ministry through an organization with YWAM called Yachts For Life.

Yachts For Life is based in Fiji and uses yachts (sailboats) to reach remote islands in the Pacific. We stay with each community for a minimum of two weeks helping them, serving them, and ultimately spreading the Gospel so they can understand the Fathers love for them. We bring Bibles to the islands and offer seminars to the community. Our vision is to help pacific island communities practically where they’re at, assisting the people's needs, and teaching them how to use Biblical truths practically. After this, we desire to equip them to do the same as us, go to their neighboring islands, to the rest of the Pacific, and anywhere else God calls them.

Yachts for Life hopes to equip the Fijian people through a base on the main island of Fiji. The land for this base has been donated by the Fijian government, but the building process has just begun.

Can you join me in this vision to see the Pacific transformed?

I have decided to devote my future to this ministry. But this dream won't go very far without a team. It will cost approximately $8,400 USD to keep me going in this ministry for two years. I need stable financial support, but I also need prayer warriors. I need partnership as I seek this adventure with God.

I feel so blessed with this opportunity, I am so excited to see what God has in store for me. Thank you for joining me in being the hands and feet of Christ as we (the body) strive to reach every tribe.

David Pankratz

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