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David McDaniel

David McDaniel


David and Maria McDaniel are two of the co-pioneers of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tokyo. Since 2007 they have been raising up missionaries from all over the world to bring the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Japan, one the least evangelized nations on Earth. Their passion is to build an altar of worship in Tokyo and across the nation, believing that worship, prayer and intimacy with the Lord are the fuel for all effective ministry.

David currently serves as the Base Director for YWAM Tokyo. He teaches around the world on many subjects. Some of his favorites are Nature and Character of God, Father Heart of God, Worship, and Person Work of the Holy Spirit. Maria is the base Staff Registrar, a gifted administrator (who has probably saved the base from organizational disaster on more occasions than can be counted) and an aspiring author.

They have three amazingly loved and liked children; Rees (who is now on staff with them in Tokyo), Claire and Abbie.

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