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Desiree Lapp

Desiree Lapp


Hi Guys! I’ve partnered with the Circuit Rider Ministry to bring about one common goal and that’s to “save the lost, revive the saved, train them all.”.

Our target audience is college and high school students. We believe that the harvest is ripe, and a generation is arising to become laborers. We go to these campuses to activate Christians into stepping out and sharing the gospel on their campuses.

We also incorporate the simple gospel for those who haven’t been introduced to the love and sacrifice of Jesus. You’d be surprised how many young people in our country have never heard about the freedom that Jesus offered them.

This movement keeps it simple; we believe that simple obedience to the Holy Spirit is changing history. Being on one “Carry the Love” tour so far has proven that simple obedience is transforming one life at a time.

To close, I want to say thank you for partnering with me and this movement! We couldn’t do it without you.


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