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Dylan Kelly

Dylan Kelly


Hi friends! My name is Dylan, and as some of you know I am currently in my 3rd year at Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA, USA.

Ever since meeting Jesus and encountering the tender presence of the Father at a young age, it has been my dream to lead the next generation. Gen Z is being attacked like never before, and I believe that a touch from God is the only thing that will save them. This generation must have a fresh touch from God.

For my 3rd and final year at Ministry School, I get the privilege to intern for Rory Helart, the Youth Pastor at Young Saints (Bethel’s youth ministry). I am filled with so much gratitude knowing that the Lord sees the desires and dreams of my heart and leads me better than I could ever lead myself.

Along with my mentorship I also get the privilege of leading a trip once a month to UC Davis (a College located in central California). Once a month I'll have the opportunity to lead 13 students on an overnight trip in order to bring the Gospel to the students of UC Davis.

I believe that what God will do through me will touch many lives.

Due to the nature of being an international student, I cannot work while I am here. This means I have to rely directly on savings and donations. I am asking if you would consider partnering monthly with me, and partnering with what the Lord is doing.



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