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David & Emilyn Jackson

David & Emilyn Jackson


Hey y'all we are David, Emilyn, and Judah Jackson (with another on the way)!

David was born into missions with both of his parents having served in YWAM for over 45 years, and has himself served with YWAM since joining in 2011. Emilyn joined YWAM in 2013 and has been enrolled in schools, staffing, and discipling since. We came to Taiwan in 2017 to take a 9-month Bible school and strongly felt the Lord tell us to move here to Taiwan, so that's what we did! We've been living here since 2019 and will actually be applying for our permanent residence this year!

As of now, we are the DTS (Discipleship Training School) leaders as well as being a part of worship ministries, media, Bible teaching, English teaching, community services, and sports ministries.

It is an absolute blessing to see our family numbers growing, but not so much our monthly expenses hahah. Jokes aside, we're looking for people who believe in us and want to partner with what God is doing in Taiwan and in Asia.

We are dreaming of raising $3000 USD in monthly support in order to pay rent, utilities, food, health insurance, transportation, flight tickets, kids' education, and the ability to give financially to local Taiwanese who feel called themselves to step into missions.

We would be so blessed if you would prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly investors, or contributing a one-time gift!

David & Emilyn

大家好!我們是David、Emilyn、和 Judah Jackson(另外還有一個快要來)!





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