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Davis Crouch

Davis Crouch


As a YWAM Kona alumni, I continue to live a life of missions. Right now, that looks like living in South Africa with Fire and Fragrance YWAM.

Fire & Fragrance, South Africa, is a community located in Potchefstroom, dedicated to training and equipping individuals with a diversity of skill sets to bring revival & reformation in all nations and spheres of society. I am joining this community to invest in worship culture, and training up worshiping missionaries. These worshipers will be sent out, saturated in the Word of God and equipped to engage in spiritual warfare, able to lead any group of people into the presence of Jesus.

I am also looking forward to growing in this time in areas of leadership, teaching, and discipline. There is far more for me to learn in South Africa than I have to give, and I can not wait to see how I learn and grow through walking with the Lord and discipleship.

It is evident that the Lord is moving in South Africa, and I am excited to be a part of that move firsthand. We will see Him pour out of people living a missional lifestyle in their jobs, schools, and daily life. I believe that this will be through supporting and encouraging and becoming part of the local body of believers. I am excited to be a part of a community that bridges the gap between equipping lifestyle missionaries and valuing the local church.

Thank you for praying and joining what God is doing through your support!


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