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Dominick Causey

Dominick Causey


Hi! I am Dominick Causey, I am 25 years old and I live in the greater New Orleans Area.

I’m currently a full time employee at OnPath FCU as a Universal Financial Advocate, all while having the heart for ministry. I attend WestPoint Church and I serve with the Youth Ministry and Worship Team. With the covering of WestPoint Church, I have the opportunity to host a monthly Night of Worship called “NOW is the time…” Our vision is to bring together the body of Christ to worship in spirit and truth. Returning to the simple heart of worship, Christ centered with no hidden agenda! We advocate for unity and experiencing God's people, coming together to serve and worship.

I am so excited to share with you that this summer, I hope to spend 10 days in ministry school at Huntington Beach, California, with Circuit Riders! Circuit Rider School has 4 primary focuses: corporate teaching and worship; gospel training and evangelism; movement focus tracks; and skillset breakouts. Each of these aspect are designed to grow student's relationships with Jesus, their ability to lead, and give them practical skillsets to live out an effective missional life. I want the lifestyle of Jesus to be my lifestyle both spiritually and physically. I’m excited to join the Circuit Riders for 10 days of training that will intensively grow my relationship with Jesus, to find my mission, and to be practically equipped to live it out.

I am reaching out to humbly ask if you would consider partnering up with me financially to help fund my journey and I also ask that you support me by covering me with your prayers. I am confident that this training will be a valuable tool for me to continue growing in my leadership skills and tools to bring back to New Orleans to minister.

I will be in California from June 28 - July 5. I will need to raise a total of $2200 to reach my support goal by June 7th, 2023. Tuition, flights, transportation, meals and lodging are included in the price.

Matthew 9:37 reads, “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Now is the time, more than ever to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Send me God, I’ll go has been my prayers and

I’m so excited to see all that the Lord is going to do with a willing yes!!


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